Seedling RA Solutions

Food Supplements Dossiers

To provide quality dossiers for Food Supplements to assist you in registration of your products.

Nutraceutical or Food Supplement is any substance that is a food or a part of a food that has medical or health benefits. Nutraceuticals help prevent and treat disease.

Any registration process requires a dossier or a technical file or set of technical documents, that include a few or a combination of below mentioned:

  • Product formula, composition, ingredients and source data
  • Label and artwork
  • Claims and supporting data
  • Batch formula
  • Manufacturing process
  • Product specifications
  • Standard testing methods/method of analysis
  • Control procedure for active and inactive raw materials including the certificate of analysis of active ingredient(s) with its specifications
  • Control procedure for finished products
  • Stability data and storage conditions
  • Safety data
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Supplement and nutritional fact panel
  • Packaging material (food grade certificate)
  • Allergen, GMO type declarations